Bhopal Degree College

Student Zone


The college provides the following facilities for its students :

Seminar Room

Computer Lab

Science Labs


Psychological Guidance & Counselling Cell

Sports Facilities

Scholarships and Financial Assistance-

The students are provided information and assistance regarding different scholarship schemes of M.P. Govt and Central Govt. so that they can apply for the scholarships properly and get the benefits of the scheme.


College Functions are the regular feature of BDC and are held time to time as a part of co-curricular and extra –curricular activities of the students.They tend to recognize talent and provide a platform for the students to enhance confidence, besides inculcating Indian traditions, culture and values in them. They are programmed as :

1. Annual cultural fest

2. Theme based Youth festival

3. Freshers' and Farewell parties

4. Traditional day

5. Cultural week

National Festivals

Every year BDC celebrates Republic Day and Independence Day with great enthusiasm and fervor. Several programs are held to mark these auspicious occasions like cultural activities based on patriotic themes, competitive events, tree plantations and community service.

Earth Day and World Environment Day

On the occasion of Earth day and World Environment day BDC organizes various events and activities every year to increase the awareness of the student community towards the conservation and protection of nature. Earth day was celebrated this year on the theme of “ SAY NO TO PLASTICS” in the campus.


The College Magazine team works to bring out the annual official publication of Bhopal Degree College, in order to generate creative content from the students in the form of articles, stories, poetries and interviews of distinguished personalities.


The National Service Scheme (NSS) provides an opportunity for students to channelize their talents and skills in the service of society.

1. The highlights of the year were celebration of the observance of the "Swachhta Week" in which the student volunteers created awareness on the need to keep the college premises clean.

2. A Hand Wash Day was also observed for the school children to make them aware of personal hygiene.

3. A Seminar was conducted on “Women Empowerment” and “Save Girl Child” were organized to bring the awareness about the role of women in the society.

4. Tree plantation programme is organised by BDC students every year on 5th June to celebrate World Environment Day.


Various Committees facilitate the smooth functioning of the college and provide support to the students in required areas.


Anti smoking


Student welfare

Code Of Conduct

After joining BDC, students are supposed to observe the rules and regulations of the college. It becomes the duty of each and every student to uphold the standards of the college , both within and out of the campus.

Thus, to facilitate and ensure a conducive learning environment, we at BDC enforce the following code of conduct for its students.

• Regular attendance in classes is compulsory. The College and the University requirement of a minimum of 75% attendance must be strictly fulfilled.

• Students must comply with the attendance, CCE and project requirements of the Semester system.

• Students are expected to write the tests and do the assignments/projects given in each subject under the guidance of the respective course coordinator within the prescribed time.

• Students are expected to conduct themselves with decency, decorum and dignity.

• All students are required to carry their student Identity cards at all times on their person by wearing them so that they are clearly visible.

• Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the college building.

• Smoking and chewing of tobacco is strictly prohibited.

• Ragging of students is a crime punishable by law and is strictly prohibited.

• There should be no damaging and destroying of any college property, furniture or fixtures.

• The college does not take responsibility for any types of parties, picnics, outings or any other programs organized by the student community outside the college.

• The decision of the Principal shall be final and binding in all matters of discipline and enforcement of rules.

Bhopal Degree College